Reglas en un entorno colaborativo

Navegando por la red me he encontrado una entrada interesante en un blog recomendable.  Como dice el autor, pocas veces pensamos en lo que hacemos o el comportamiento que queremos seguir hasta que los vemos escrito. Por ello, le doy lugar de preferencia en esta bitácora, algún día a lo mejor me animo a colgarlo en versión traducida. Por lo pronto, vaya la versión en inglés.

  1. Capture once - There's nothing more wasteful than capturing the same information multiple times

  2. Process once - How many times have I looked at an email just to defer action a little longer. Each time I have to reread it, I'm wasting time.

  3. Resist printing. There are really very few instances when printing to paper is a good idea. Resist printing an agenda or other meeting materials that end up in the trash within minutes of being created.

  4. Don't use email to collaborate, use it to communicate - Email is a terrible collaboration tool, but an excellent communication tool. When it comes to collaboration, email tends to create more work, and lacks critical context.

  5. Send links, not attachments - Nothing eats up disk space on email servers faster than attachments, especially if you're not sharing a single-copy message store.

  6. Store in a searchable, linkable repository - Unfortunately, most people use email as their personal content store. The problem is that I may have some content that someone else could really use. However, if they don't know me, they will never find it.

  7. Be a sharer, not a hoarder. As we share what we know, others can become co-contributers. This results in a product that is better than any individual could have accomplished on their own.

  8. Use real-time communication, instead of email and voice mail, to reduce cycle time - Voice mail and e-mail are slow. It usually takes at least 24 hours to hear back from someone. If you end up going back and forth for several cycles, you could waste days or weeks.

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