miércoles, 29 de febrero de 2012

Day 27 - #1OdataLicenseEU - We, the people

Four weeks ago, Enric Uberta and myself launched the call for a single #opendata license in the European Union. Two anonymous citizens used this fabulous invention called Internet to stand up and fight for a cause we think fair. Inmediately our friends Marc Garriga and Jose Luis Marin support this cause, the vision of an opendata single market within a  digital single market. Many more came after them, but I would like to highlight their support because without both (or even without any of them) probably we have not achieved our objective: We have been listened by Neelie Kroes.

Along these marvellous weeks, we have tried to provide evidences of why we need a single opendata license in the European Union and what is at stake. Many important people have supported the initiative in Spain and other EU countries, but what has been real important has been that more than 500 citizens have supported it. We, the people, without the coverage of any political or civic group,  have achieved to be listened by a EU vicepresident. 

Internet has changed the rules. Open Government is here to stay, because people has the tools to join their forces and make their voice listened. Call it #15m , #occupyWallStreet or a humble cause like #1OdataLicenseEU , if you have an idea, you can contact other with the same idea and be stronger. Never again think you are alone, never again think you can not be listened, you have just to start the fire and see if you can make it bigger with the help of others.

On behalf of Enric and myself, thanks to all who have supported the campaign.

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